Deposit Protection Service

By law in England and Wales, all bonds taken on an assured shorthold tenancy starting after the 6th April 2007 have to be placed with a government backed scheme.

JHC Property Management subscribes to the government approved Deposit Protection Service (DPS) Custodial Scheme. The DPS will safeguard the deposit throughout the period of the tenancy.

Access to the DPS website can be found at which includes details of the scheme from both the tenants and landlord’s perspective.

‘A landlords guide to the Custodial Scheme’ can be downloaded directly from the website
‘A tenant’s guide to the Custodial scheme’ can be downloaded directly from the website

They make sure you’ll get your deposit back if you:

  • Meet the terms of your tenancy agreement
  • Don’t damage the property
  • Pay your rent and bills

We as the letting agent must place the deposit into the scheme within 30 days of receiving it.

End of tenancy - the deposit will be returned within 10 working days of the tenant and landlord / agent agreeing how much will be repaid. This may be less than the original amount paid if there are any deductions for repairs or cleaning.
In the case of a dispute, the deposit will be protected in the tenancy deposit scheme until the issue is resolved.